Academic leadership

I currently serve as the College Principal of Bowles Hall Residential College, the oldest residential college in the United States and the only residential college at UC Berkeley. In this administrative and academic leadership position, I lead an undergraduate college with 188 students and two additional faculty members (the Dean of Students and the Program Director), several undergraduate fellows, class representatives, and administrative staff. I am committed to creating a welcoming multi-generational and multi-faceted community in which every student feels supported and grows academically, professionally, and personally.

In graduate school, I served as a Resident Tutor in Mather House. Resident tutors at Harvard are graduate or post-doctoral students who live in the twelve Harvard dorms and work closely with undergraduate students on their academic, professional, and personal development. The mission of resident tutors is to help create a safe and inclusive environment where every student can feel a sense of belonging.

Bowles Hall Residential College (spot the deer).


Advising is one of the most important aspects of academic life.

I served as a Sophomore Advising Coordinator in Mather House, Harvard College. I coordinated the advising process for 120 sophomores in Mather House, led training for 28 sophomore advisers (graduate students and faculty) in the house, served as a liaison between the Advising Programs Office and advisers, organized advising events and workshops, and consulted on the advising process with university officials. I co-coordinated a pilot project to welcome incoming sophomore students into the house community. The project later became a model for other houses at Harvard.

Mather House.

As a Fellowships Tutor, I advised undergraduate students on applications to post-graduate fellowships (Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright). I evaluated the applications to Rhodes and Marshall fellowships at the college level.

As a Departmental Teaching Fellow at the Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvard University, I organized and led workshops on teaching and professional development for graduate students in linguistics as well as individual consultations on teaching. I received the Certificate of Teaching Excellence award and was nominated for the Star Family Prize in Excellence in Advising.

I serve on a job placement committee at the Department of Linguistics, UC Berkeley. We regularly organize workshops and individual consultations for students.

I am an ASEF Professor. The American Slovenian Education Foundation “enhances American and Slovenian education activities, uniting Slovenian scholars and educators globally.”

I am happy to advise any student who reaches out to me (just send me an email).

AI and Humanities

I co-created a study abroad summer program for undergraduate students that explores how arts and humanities can address ethical and social implications of Artificial Intelligence: AI & Humanities in Ljubljana, Slovenia (postponed due to Covid19). The program’s main course aims to explore language as a bridge between the formal and quantitative world of AI on the one hand and humanistic approaches of the new technologies on the other hand. The course introduces basic quantitative skills behind machine learning via language data to students without prior quantitative background. Why in Ljubljana? The first global UNESCO center for AI was recently built in Ljubljana.



  • EECS 225d: Audio Signal Processing in Humans and Machines, Fall 2022 (co-taught at Berkeley CS with Gopala Anumanchipalli)
  • EECS 225d: Audio Signal Processing in Humans and Machines, Fall 2021 (co-taught at Berkeley CS with Gopala Anumanchipalli)
  • LING 290e: Deep Phonology: Deep Learning and Phonology (seminar), Fall 2021
  • Ling 111: Phonology I, Sp. 2022
  • Ling 211a: Advanced Phonology I, Sp. 2020


  • Computational Phonology and Neural Networks, Wi. 2020
  • Introduction to Linguistic Thought, Wi. 2019 & Sp. 2020
  • Phonology I, Wi. 2019 & Sp. 2020
  • Phonology II: Advanced Phonology, Sp. 2019 & Sp. 2020
  • Laboratory Phonology, graduate seminar, Au. 2018


  • Linguistic Phonetics (tutorial), Sp. 2016
  • Language Evolution (tutorial), Sp. 2016
  • Phonology of Poetic Meter (tutorial), Sp. 2015
  • Language Evolution (tutorial), Fa. 2014